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Data Acquisition - Displays, Controllers, Recorders, Loggers & Remote Access

Micro Processor Panel Meter












  Optional Output Boards with Isolated Analog output, Relay and NPN Open Collector output.

  Modular design, flexible configuration for various signal input, signal output and relay contacts.

  Standard input modules support 6 types of signal (5V, 10V, 20V, 200V, 20mA, 200mA) jumper selectable.

  Optional output module: analog output and up to 6 relay contacts.

  Wide power supply range: AC85V~265V.

  Output supply: DC24V/50 mA.

  Analog output and input signal have been isolated.

  Relative cheaper cost by Exchangeable output and input PCB

  Password design for the purpose of write protect to menu setting.


  4 or 5 digits numeric display

  101 segment bar graph display


Micro Processor Controllers






Manuals: TM, PT53, PT73





  Multi inputs: T/Couple, RTD or mV. 

  Resolution up to 14 bit.

  Two outputs, PID or FUZZY modes are selectable.

  Three alarm setting. 17 modes can be chosen for every setting.
  SCR driving function.
  RS232 or RS485 communication port.
  Dialogue designation, easy to understand.
  Self-diagnostic error message.
  Auto Zero and Auto Span function will make its accuracy to stand long time operation.
  Access code (LCK parameter) to protect the user setting; Output percentage can be adjusted.
  Two temperature programming patterns can be chosen, each pattern includes eight setting points.

  Option for remote set point.

Data Loggers and Recorders




Datasheet          Manual






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CMC-99 Multifunction Controller      





Datasheet          Manual


  Up to 48 Analogue or Digital Inputs. 

  Up to 24 Thermocouple/12 RTD Inputs. 

  Up to 8 Analogue or 16 Digital Outputs. 

  PID, Ramp, Profile, Cycle, On/Off and many more control functions .

  Function Block style configuration.

  Function Block style configuration.

  Configurable through front panel or with USB Keyboard and Mouse.

  Optional Data Logging functionality, compatible with USB Memory Stick.
RS485 communication port.
3.5" Colour Touch Screen.
Multiple Display Styles: Trend Graph, Bar Graph, Numeric and Analogue.





Batch Controllers


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Sludge Blanket Level

pH/ORP/DO Sensors

Water Quality

Dissolved Oxygen

Suspended Solids

Solids Flow + Moisture

Chemical Dosing Pumps

Motor Dosing Pumps

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