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About Us - 

For twenty years Process Control Services (PCS) have provided Measurement & Dosing equipment to an extensive range of industries, varying in size, throughout Australasia.

Continuous growth over the past twenty years driven predominately through word of mouth referrals has led to PCS achieving an outstanding market profile. With offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne combined with a network of over twenty regional sales outlets PCS is able to deliver top quality international brands at very competitive prices, backed by an outstanding level of customer service throughout Australia and New Zealand.     

Process Control Services (PCS) are renowned for their industry expertise together with their extensive choice and range of equipment.  Their highly trained engineers are able to offer extraordinary levels of expert service and advice through combining their extensive product knowledge with industry experience that extends in many cases beyond the life of the company.

We supply Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature and Specialty Measurement Equipment and Chemical Dosing Equipment to the following industries:

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pH/ORP/DO Sensors

Water Quality



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Process Control Services Pty Ltd PO Box 667 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 Australia

Sydney: Phone (02) 9319 1808,           Brisbane: Phone (07) 3299 7881,           Melbourne: Phone  (03) 9859 0157,           Auckland: - (09) 525 3425

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Aqua Chemical Dosing Pumps


Peristaltic Pumps, Solenoid Pumps, Motor Driven Pumps, Piston Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Mixers, Controllers for pH, ORP, Chlorine and Conductivity, Free Chlorine Analysers, Calibration Cylinders, Pulsation Dampeners, Filters and more.


    Barben pH/ORP/DO Sensors


pH and ORP (REDOX) Sensors for Harsh Environments. Poison resistant sensors and for high pressures and high temperatures. Sensors for high purity, low conductivity water. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meters.


Doseuro  Motor Dosing Pumps


Solenoid Pumps, Motor Driven Pumps, Piston Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Hydraulic Diaphragm Pumps, Positive Displacement pumps, API Pimps, Mixers, Pulsation Dampeners, Relief Valves, Back Pressure Valves and more dosing accessories.




Dosing Packages + Accessories Packaged and Customised Chemical Dosing Systems, Water Quality Monitoring, Panel Mounted and Wall Mounted Packages and customised dosing accessories.  
Entech Designs  Sludge Blanket Level


Sludge Blanket Level Detectors, Interface Level Detectors with integral Turbidity measurement, Filter Expansion Monitoring.


Finetek  Level Measurement


Liquid Products: liquid level measurement for different industries such as water treatment industry, petrochemical industry, food & beverages industry etc., Solid Products: for solids/powders level measurement for different industries such as feed industry, cement industry, Plastics industry etc, Safety Products: used in different industries to prevent unexpected accidents such as material spill, overloading, mechanical damages or staff injuries etc, Pneumatic Products: Pneumatic Hammer series products  to prevent material flow blockage. Dust collector equipments use our Valve series products for dust filtration system requirements. Capacitance Level Switches, Capacitance Level Transmitters, Rotary Paddle Level Switches, Vibrating Probe Level Switches, Vibrating Fork Level Switches, Magnetic Float Level Switches, Mini Float Level Switches, Cable Float Level Switches, Thermal Flow Switches, Paddle Flow Switches.


FLS    Water Quality


Paddlewheel Flow Sensor, Hot Tap Installation, Insertion Magmeter, Insertion Magmeter with Display, Hot Tap Insertion Magmeter, Bi-directional Turbine Flow Sensor, Ultra Low Flow Sensor, Oval Gear Flow Sensor, Paddlewheel Flow Switch, Paddlewheel Mini Flow Sensors, Flow Monitor & Transmitter, Bi-directional Flow Monitor & Transmitter, Battery Powered Flow Monitor, Bi-directional Battery Powered Flow Monitor, Batch Controller, 24VDC Single Phase Switching Power Supply, Interface Module Sensor PLC. pH Transmitters, pH Controllers, ORP Transmitters, ORP Controllers, Conductivity Controllers, Conductivity Transmitters, pH Sensors, ORP Sensors, Conductivity Sensors.


Georgin Ex Protection


Transmitters, Pressure Switches, Temperature Switches, Pressure Gauges, Thermometer, Accessories, IS Interfaces, Signalization, Fieldbus, Signal Conditioners, Moderator, EEx ia Barriers, IECEx Approved Barriers, Zennor Barriers


Industrietechnik  HVAC Instruments


Air Pressure Switches, Level Switches, Electronic Room Controllers, Sensors, Electromechanical Thermostats, Flow Switches, Hygrostats, Motorized Valves, Electronic Industrial Controllers, Electrothermal Actuators for heating circuits and radiators, Damper Actuators, Accessories, Transmitters, Programmable Controllers, Paddle Flow Switches dP Switches, Differential Pressure Switches.


Intek  Low Range Flow


Instruments for Precision Flow Measurement, Very Low Flow Rates, Monitors for Power Plant Condensers, Aerospace Instruments & Payloads, Monitors for Vacuum Drying, Moisture Separators.






Streaming Current Detectors On-Line Analysers for optimisation of Water Treatment. Streaming Current Detectors for control of dosing of coagulants and charged flocculants.  
 MAC 3 Level Regulators


Cable Float Switches, Level Regulators, Conductive Level Switches, Level Sensors, Rain Water Controllers, Pump Controllers, Pressure Controllers, Hydrostatic Pump Controllers, VSDs, VFDs, Control Panels, Autoclave Products, Control Instruments.


Meister Flow Monitors


Flow Monitors & Flow Indicators, Plastic Flow Meters & Monitors, Flow Sensors, Paddle Switches, Target Flowmeter, Volumetric Flowmeters, Magnetic-inductive Flowmeters, Calorimetric Flow Switch, Filter & Strainer, Flow Limiter, Electronic Accessories, Mechanical Accessories.


Mutek  Solids Flow & Moisture


Solids Mass Flow Meters, Moisture Content, Blocked Chute Detection, Solids Level Switches, Solids Flow Switches, Signal Conditioning, I/O Interfaces, Measuring Systems for Solids.


proMtek Concentration


Microwave based Concentration Measurements for liquids, syrups and slurries. Brix Meters.


Quadbeam Suspended Solids


Suspended Solids Meters For Dairy, Food, Industrial & Waste Water treatment;  Turbidity Meters - Measures lower levels of concentration; Transmitters - Use with Quadbeam turbidity sensors.


Simex Electronic Instruments


Indicators & Controllers, Multifunction Controllers, PID Controllers, LED Displays, Data Recorders, Counters, Totalizers, Totalisers, Sensors & Transmitters, Converters, Systems & Applications, Power Supplies, Software.


Tecfluid  Flow & Level Measurement


Rotameters, VA Flow meters, Plastic Flow Meters, Glass Tube Flow meters, Metal Tube Flow Meters, Positive Displacement Flow Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Flow Switches, Volumetric Counters, Constant Flow Regulators, Level Gauges, By-Pass Level Gauges, Level Detectors, Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Guided Microwave Level Transmitters, Associated Electronics.


 VP Instruments Air Flow Meters Insertion Probes, In-line Air Flow Meters, Accessories.